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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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tonight at 11:00, we're hearing from the father of a man shot and killed by a fairfax police officer for the first time since the county decided to pay up in terms of millions of dollars. good evening i'm derek mcgini. >> fairfax will pay nearly $3 million. they may have reached a settlement by the fight is not over.
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>> reporter: after nearly two years, finally progress in the shooting death of a man. a settlement has been reached for the family but the family says, this is still far from over. $2.89million for john gear's family after settlement reached with fairfax family over the wrongful death shooting that left geer dead. the settlement is progress says geer's father. >> it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: still a long way to walk. >> what happened today is the taxpayers have been held liable for the police's actions. >> reporter: john is geer's best friend who witnessed the shooting. when officer adam torrez fired the fatal shot after a dispute. >> there were nights that i would go to bed wondering why john was shot.
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>> reporter: police finally began releasing information like torrez name after the geer's filed a lawsuit and an investigation happened where the police department was forced to do so. >> firing and vetting the use of force, we can review all these things but what can we do after they occur. >> reporter: they're calling for accountability and federal charges against torrez. >> adam torrez the shooter is still on the police payroll. and my money is still paying for his salary. so that's not the most pleasant thing to think about. >> reporter: the shooting remains under a police administrative review and a criminal investigation at both the state and federal level. prosecutors have yet to say whether they plan to file criminal charges against officer torrez. now tomorrow, a prince george's county poli will go on trial to face misconduct charges. gary thomas is accused of
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hitting a handcuffed juvenile in custody. he will be in courtroom tomorrow morning when that trial starts. the protesters say they will make their case to baltimore's major this thursday after a man died while in police custody. hundreds valleying hours after the police department has announced they joined the -- >> reporter: grey was arrested april 12th after police say he and another man ran off as officers approached. you've likely seen this video obtained by wjz of grey being carried, slashed, dragged into a police van. but what you may not have seen is this also obtained by wjz, removing grey to shackle his
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legged during the ride to the police station. an ailing grey was rushed to the hospital where he died on sunday. autopsy reports say the cause of death was a severe injury to the spine. police insist they don't know what happened. but jamal says what happened is murder and all six cops involved should face the charges. >> i want murder for every one of them because there was no record of him having any spinal injuries. all six police officers request not say what happened. the major has acknowledged that they called for immediate medical attention and nobody gave it to him. >> reporter: this is not an event they say, it's a movement. >> now the six officers involved in grey's arrest have been suspended without payment. and the police department will be looking into there were any
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civil rights violations. and take a close look at your tv. because a family wants you to help find their 10-year-old son. he went missing saturday night. if you think you may have the little boy, please call dc police. you will not need your umbrella on the way to work but you may just need it on the way home. tracking the timing of our next chance of rain. >> we have showers right now on doppler 1000. these showers scoop to the east right along the maryland-pa border. nothing right now and nothing for the morning commute. on futurecast, you will need your shades to start the day. 54 downtown. 47 in manasas. 46 up in fredricks. by 8:00, still partly cloudy
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skies. we're still in pretty good shape. 60 in leesburg. but then as we get into the noon hour, we have showers back into haguerstown and martinsburg and they're going to roll through the afternoon. we're going to track these rolling through in the afternoon. we're going to tell you if any storms are going to be embedded and how cool it's going to get behind this front. dc police want your help to find a man suspected of kidnapping, sexually abusing and robbing a woman. this happened just before 7:00 this morning. the victim told police the man forced her into the alley, robbed her and sexually harassed her. give dc police a call if you can help out. and police investigating whether a sexual assault suspect had remo victims. giddings is being held on bond.
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but police say he sexually assaulted a woman with cognitive mental illness. the two met on a website. today a judge warned rosen to follow his -- he went outside his allowed area for 15 minutes. the judge say s if that happens again he's going to get hauled off to jail. he is charged with secretly recording women in dc and soliciting a minor for sex in fairfax county. the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan will be back in court tomorrow. he is fighting to spend more time outside of the mental hospital. right now he gets five days a month at his mother's house. that time has increased since
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the first ruling in 2003. hinkley was found not guilty on insanity. tomorrow will be the first day for the sentencing trial for dzhokhar tsarnaev. the jury must all agree on whether dzhokhar tsarnaev gets life in prison or the death penalty. a man is one of three people killed in maryland's eastern shore. cowell was behind the wheel when another driver crossed the median and hit him straight on. the crash shut down route 404 in queen anne for several hours. fire crews still investigating a fire that gutted this bus. it happened on o street and
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northeast. one tour bus is complete loss and that fire slightly damaged a second one. we talked to fire officials and they told us it's too early to tell whether someone intentionally started that fire. tonight some fresh evidence that former president bill clinton may not take a prominent role in his wife's hillary's run for the white house. clinton all but avoided his wife's campaign. >> for of course reason i don't intend to talk much about electoral policies. but it's important to remember as the secretary delaney can tell you there's plenty of politics when the election is over. >> clinton spoke as part of his lecture series at his alma mater. the caps won and the wizards won but our big story this season is a season that won't start for another five months we're talking the nfl
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schedule folks. and we need to know when do the redskins play the cowboys. did they get any national games perhaps and when is the dressed bye week. >> i have some answers and getting you excited, football seasslowly coming around. >> six months away. >> something to look forward to. we have known the who for a while now we're going to know when the skins play. they play the east which includes the patriots. they also open the season facing off against the miami dolphins. the redskins have three prime time games including a thursday night show down against the g- men. that's another short week and another hosting the cowboys on monday night football. the redskins host tampa bay which will mean a minston face off. the ravens were dealt a pretty rough schedule they play five of their first seven games on the road. the ravens also have five prime time games including a thursday
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night rematch against the hated steelers. they play in san francisco for the first time since 2007 and it's the first when it won't be a harbaugh brother match up. redskins is week eight which is two weeks sooner than it was last year. >> right in the middle of the season. give them a little rest. final play off push right. >> exactly. >> thank you, christie. >> think, positive. >> that's what we're doing. an arlington man now suing a player with uc unite to cover unpaid rent and damage done with the home he leased. wolett believes the damage is due to a punctured waste line. he says he found all that damage when he came back from that overseas trip and found that lancun left town. and he's suing the uc united. >> i said don't you feel you
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have a moral obligation to help someone out who's helped you out. >> reporter: uc united released a statement that said this is an unfortunate situation and we're hoping the matter can be resolved. calls to the players own attorney have not been returned. and coon's cell phone we tried it and goes straight to voice mail. play off between the wizards and capital. one hoping to dribble to a bigger lead. and some people are being hailed as heros for jumping ton the tracks to save a woman in a wheelchair. the first of its kind delivery made today to
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so you're standing in a subway station and a guy falls off the platform on to the tracks. do you have what it takes to jump down and do the right thing? >> tonight dramatic surveillance video shows two men who did not hesitate to jump on to the tracks to save the life of a stranger who toppled in his electric wheelchair. hayes went to the station where that rescue took place. >> reporter: the u street metro tunnel was practically empty this afternoon when a man in an electric wheelchair apparently lost control of it in the
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platform below and toppled on to the tracks. two strangers then rushed to rescue him. surveillance video caught the moment when the man toppled. the video is silent but with no trains in the nation other heard the crash. >> it only takes seconds for one man to notice what happens. he doesn't hesitate to jump in to help. >> reporter: those two very first responders don't need minutes. they lift the man off the tracks in just over 20 seconds. then hoists his wheelchair then themselves to safety. the entire thing lasts seconds, we asked what would you have
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done. >> you never know what you're going to do until you're in that situation. >> i would like to say that i would jump in to help. >> reporter: thankfully for that man. two metro riders now know how they would react without any hesitation. and from the platform that man was taken to an area hospital incredibly after that fall he suffered only minor cuts to his face. at the u street metro. >> pretty incredible he didn't suffer more injuries than that. the police are still investigating how or why that man fell on to the tracks and neither of the two people that jumped down to rescue him have come forward. do you want better schools? you may have to pay more for the future. at an educational town hall meeting, baker was pushing to raise taxes by 15% to give schools a huge boost in
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funding. baker and kevin maxwell say if the neighbors back the tax hike they will take the school system from next to last in the state to the top 10 and do it by the year 2020. a lot of residents have been flinching at such a big tax hike but one parent we talked to this evening is sold. >> i can invest into my own community and my neighborhood with the public school system. i need you to do better and i will support you. >> reporter: baker says the extra money will help pay for a huge expansion of prekinder program. president obama will have to search for a new head of the dea. now she is a career drug agent who's led the agency since 2007 but in recent time he's been facing mounting pressure from lawmakers. if the panda house is
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rocking don't come a knocking. because-- derek, you will disturb the scientists. the zoo is hoping to get mai jong pregnant again. the semen was collected by a panda who has never had cubs yet so that makes makes him very valuable. and many brits were hoping the queen would get another great great grandchild. the dutchess and duke are expecting their new baby any day now.
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we're doing a 3-degree. maybe we're starting to see the change. we forecasted a high of 70. let's see how we did. so high was 70. it was 71 today, yes. correct. thank you. fortunately another day. live look outside, pretty nice evening. 58 not too bad. the relative humidity pretty low. hope you had a chance to see the little crescent moon and venus. winds south-southwest at six many miles per hour. a lot of showers in pittsburgh and back to the ohio valley. these are going to stay to the north of us tonight and the west of us tomorrow until about the lunchtime hours. if you from walking to lunch ill would grab an umbrella. 45 to 54. i think that might warrant a light jacket. windy and mild tomorrow. it'll be a strong southwest
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wind. thunderstorms are possible as well. right now all the showers and storms end around 5:00 p.m. that's why we do not issue a yellow alert. and we will keep you posted. in the meantime 9:00 tomorrow morning. you will need your shades. 50s to around 60. by lunch time we see the showers starting to build. kind of a light showers at first. fredrick back to winchester it's light. you see a lot of yellows and oranges so as you get to the 2:00 hour, a batch of showers and a few thunderstorms will go through. at this point we don't see anything severe. some may produce some downpours. still 60s in gettysburg. by 5:00 they're gone. maybe a few lingering showers but for the most part they're done at 5:00. if you leave work you will have a generally dry drive home.
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low 50s in manasas and leesburg. we do have snow showers once again west of the divide in oakland. remember oakland has the same growing season, wait for it as fair banks alaska so it's not that crazy. by midnight tomorrow night, we're in the 40s in the burbs and 61 downtown. we'll break this down. 54 to start. 60 by 9:00. 55 by 11:00. and then showers and thunderstorms and temperatures near 70. once we get through tomorrow, breezy. earlier game on thursday, wear a sweatshirt. still cool on s come in late. today is fine. showers at night. mid-50s. nice on sunday near 70. cool on monday. and tuesday still looks rainy and raw with highs only in the mid-50s. thanks so much. it is a great night for dc sports. the wizards and capitals this is the first time they've both
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won in the play offs on the same night. the wizards take care of business which car company is the first and only to offer built-in 4g lte wi-fi in cars, trucks and crossovers? ranking from top to bottom. i'm gonna say mercedes is the innovator. bmw just because they're pricey. the final answer... wow...(cheers) chevy. this model has the wi-fi in it? -yep that's the dream to have wi-fi in the car. get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 models. that's almost thirty-seven hundred dollars on this chevy malibu. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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the capitals had lost six straight play off games but all streaks have to come to an end at some point. the capitals have made this a series once again. caps looking to even it up in new york they get on the board first. making it 1-0 washington. but late in the first period, islanders answer. casey sebicus. to even the series and retake home ice advantage. >> that's what play off hockey is. i thought we were feeling we could have played for a long
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time. tonight we got a lot of strength on the bench. really good. our mind was in a good place tonight. >> game five is thursday. now the wizards went north of the border and stole game one but the question was could they do it again. not only do they get the w but they did it in a big way. the back court much better tonight. walsh 26 points, steal 28 points they weren't the only ones. much had been made about paul pierce and his play off wizards north of the border and take a first two games of the series. we haven't accomplished anything. we want those guys to
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understand that. there's a lot of basketball to be played as soon as you drop your guard. that's that's when momentum can swing. i want to stay hungry. >> it's been two years before the game mattered. face off during the regular season late november at the xfinity center. a yearly event putting the bee against the big 10. and what a way to end a great night in area sports. the washington nationals on a role tonight game tied. you know escobar sends one deep to left. for the walk off home run. mavs have won five of their last six to get back to 500. that was after starting 2-6. they're now back to 7-7. dc sports trifecta. >> if only the redskins could have played tonight. that would have been perfect. >> all that momentum going their way. >> it would push them through.
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>> i was thinking about the redskins which is still how many months away now. a long
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that's our br
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40% of streetlights in detroit at one point did not work. at the time that the bankruptcy filing
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was done the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. they had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. 40% of the lights were out but they're not out for long. they're coming back.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the visitor's dugout at fenway park, it's "the late show show tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, rough and tough and strong and mean, david captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band p


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